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Remodeling Service in Southampton Township, NJ: A Way to Make the Most of a Tiny Space!

Welcome to Justin R. Barbera LLC, your leading provider of comprehensive basement remodel services. Our dedicated team passionately delivers exceptional craftsmanship, making your dream home a breathtaking reality. The company is located in the Southampton Township, NJ area.

Our Services 

Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling

Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling

We offer cutting-edge kitchen and bathroom remodeling specialist service to give these spaces an elegant and modern look. Our expert team is skilled in delivering high-quality renovations, which include layout design, flooring, fittings, lighting and accessories installation, and everything else that can transform your space into a contemporary paradise.
General Contractor

General Contractor

Our general contracting service takes care of all aspects of your construction project, whether residential or commercial. We manage all vendors, trades, and communication, ensuring your project stays on schedule and within the budget. We oversee the entire project, from planning and design to construction and completion.
Decks Construction

Decks Construction

We specialize in designing and building various types of decks. Our team of professionals ensures a sturdy and beautiful outcome that enhances outdoor living space. Whether you want a simple, functional deck or a more intricate design with custom features, we've got you covered.
Home Renovation & Home Repair

Home Renovation & Home Repair

Our comprehensive home renovation and repair services are designed to revamp your home's look and feel. Whether you desire minor repairs or major renovations, we provide services like structural improvements, cosmetic updates, or prompt repair works for walls, windows, or doors.
Concrete Driveways

Concrete Driveways

Our concrete driveway services are a perfect fit if you need a durable and aesthetic driveway for your property. We handle everything, from excavation to final installation, ensuring a smooth, sturdy surface. Our team uses top-quality materials to resist wear and tear, boosting your property's curb appeal.
Water Damage Restoration

Water Damage Restoration

We offer comprehensive water damage restoration services. Our team is an expert in mitigating all types of water damage, whether due to flooding, leaks, or dampness. We focus on swift action, drying, dehumidifying, sanitizing the affected areas, and restoring them to their previous state.
Roof Repair

Roof Repair

We provide professional roof repair services that cover everything from minor leaks to significant roof damage. We use high-quality materials and specialist techniques to ensure your roof is strong, durable, and ready to face any weather condition.
Reconstruction Siding Contractor

Reconstruction Siding Contractor

As expert siding contractors, we provide various services, from installation to repair or replacement. We ensure your home's exterior is attractive and well-protected from weather conditions. Whether you need vinyl, wood, or fiber cement siding, we deliver high-quality workmanship for all projects.


Justin R. Barbera LLC


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Benefits of our services:

The benefits of utilizing our top-quality complete home remodeling services are endless. We go above and beyond to ensure your remodel satisfies your specific needs while exponentially boosting your property’s value. You’ll relish a new, functional living space tailored to your unique taste. When you opt for our professional remodeling services, you invest in improved lifestyle quality, modernized design, and an enhanced home atmosphere.

How is the work done?

We excel in how our work is completed. Stringently adhering to an impeccably thorough process of affordable kitchen remodeling, our skilled specialists pay attention to minute details. First, we attentively listen to your remodeling vision, carefully noting your aspirations and preferences. We then meticulously plan, designing the layout to capture your dream aesthetic perfectly. Finally, using superior material, our team efficiently executes the remodel, transforming your space while maintaining a tidy work environment.

Additional Areas

The Justin R. Barbera LLC services are available in these locations:

  • Medford Lakes Borough, NJ;
  • Evesham Township, NJ;
  • Mount Laurel Township, NJ;
  • Voorhees Township, NJ;
  • Marlton, NJ;

Contact us today at (609) 455-5873 in Southampton Township, NJ, and let us make your dream home a palpable reality. We make majestic living spaces come alive. It’s time to invest in the remodeling service of tomorrow, today!

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Client Testimonials

by Dennis Higgins on Justin R. Barbera LLC
Happy Customer!

The company basement remodel was a success. The company work was done in a timely manner, the price was reasonable, and the workers were friendly and respectful of my property.

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